July 16, 2012

Happy Birthday to My Sweet Emily!

Today we're celebrating Emily's birthday (I won't put the number, because I don't think she'd like that).

I'm so lucky to have her in my life, and she's got so many wonderful talents and characteristics.

Here are a few of those abilities, shared through pictures of our adventures:
She has a lovely French accent, even when just reading a crepe menu.
She can write poems and lyrics.
She loves history and historical sites.
She speaks her mind and doesn't pull her punches.
She's so nice; definitely right at the top of Santa's list.
She's tough enough to go paintballing in the morning...
... and then classy enough for a holiday work party that night.
And clearly she cleans up real nice, too.
[Note: we were definitely the stars of that holiday party.]
She doesn't mind getting wacky with me and donning an ugly sweater.
She can slow dance...
...and then make Michael Jackson jealous with her skills.
She's a good aim with silly string?
I dunno, but I just really like this picture.
She enjoys watching sports with me.
She's very cosmopolitan, and even happy to help me make my first short film.
She is graceful and indulges my love of photo ops.
And you have to admit that we just look dang good together.
You're the yin to my yang.
Happy birthday, Emily! Thank you for letting me share it with you, and I hope it's unforgettable!


  1. well aren't you sweet? you do make a lovely couple. happy birthday to the woman that's stolen aaron's heart. :)

  2. this is unbelievably adorable. congrats on being part of such a wonderful couple

  3. Replies
    1. Yep, and things are going great :)

  4. You better put a ring on it! Don't let a good thing get away!

    1. Oh don't you worry, I'm already thinking about that kinda stuff, and I won't wait any longer than I have to!

  5. Oh yay Aaron!! This is adorable and just makes me happy. She is beautiful and I will be waiting to hear news ;)