November 12, 2011

Dressed to the Elevens

What's that? You say the subject line is confused and should be "Dressed to the Nines"?

Not so, friend. At the Mt Ida Elevenses (11-11-11) party, we were dressed even better than that.

We were dressed to the elevens.

Exhibit A:
Emily and I looking smashing in our cocktail attire
Exhibit B:
The lovely Mt Ida hostesses
Two of my friends played bartender, and they came up with some very tasty mocktails and a couple different non-alcoholic shots, which added to the festive atmosphere.
The bartenders, serving up some fierce ginger-loaded shots.
This group denied that they were being intellectual. I didn't believe them.
Check out this good-looking foursome.
Each hour on the 11 (8:11, 9:11, etc), people performed short acts for our entertainment. Songs, poems, reflective thoughts, etc, were among the talents shared.

Emily helped me put together a quick little poem after the 10:11 acts, so that I could share it right after the 11:11 countdown and celebration. This is what we came up with:
It's 11-11-11, here at Mt Ida,
And so, briefly, I just wanna try da
Share a few words from the bottom of my heart;
How grateful I am before we all depart.
Our wonderful hostesses, or is it hostess-eye...
Uh oh, I just used ellipsis, hope that doesn't make Amber cry.
We've had great entertainment, from reflective to funny,
While these gals stuffed shots into our tummies.
Handsome fellas abounded and ladies pretty as the heavenses;
Thank you all for coming to Mt Ida to celebrate the elevenses.
Nothing fancy, but I was happy to contribute and be involved in such a numerologically significant party.

See you all on 12-12-12!

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