July 18, 2012

A New Job in My Old City

Yes, my DC time is almost up.

It's been quite the experience living right next to our nation's capital for the past (nearly) 5 years, as those of you who have followed my blog from the start know.

My Marriott experience has been great, but I'm ready for a new challenge and a new work environment, and the position I've accepted just happens to be back in my native Salt Lake City, Utah.

I'll be the newest Client Service Consultant at Lecorpio, which does intellectual property management software. That's a big change of career for me, as I won't be doing accounting anymore!

To celebrate the big news, Emily took me out for a steak dinner at Ray's the Steaks.
We both got hanger steaks; she chose the au poivre and I went with the original.
If you haven't eaten there, you need to go. So tasty.

This promises to be an exciting next chapter in my life, and I'm ready and excited to take it on!


  1. congrats aaron! a big move for sure - but sure to be fun (especially being able to play uncle more often)! we will have to meet up for lunch or something when i'm in town - i get to SLC far more often than I do to DC.

    1. PS -when do you start the new job?

  2. Yay!! I like the no more accounting!! Ha. Good luck