February 15, 2012

Anonymous - My Submission to the 2012 Lonely Hearts Film Festival

It's finally finished and ready to share.

After recording way too much video over multiple weeks, and then a whole lot of editing, my freshman attempt at a short film was completed and submitted to the 2012 Lonely Hearts Film Festival.
Last night was the festival and my film's big public debut.

As it happens, most of the other films were comedic in nature, and I can't decide if that made mine more interesting or just a little out of place. One thing's for sure, my fairly quiet film with its contemplative message was in stark contrast to the film shown just before, which seemed to be channeling a Marilyn Manson acid trip while outrunning a psychedelic avalanche.

On its own, anyway, I quite like mine.

My objective was to get us all to think about how many people we pass every day, and to realize/remember that those people all have things going on in their lives, just the same as in our own life.

Anyway, enough babbling. Here's my video:
If you like it, and especially if you like the message, feel free to share it.

I'd also love to hear your comments and critiques, both positive and "constructive" in nature, because if I don't hear both types, I won't know where to improve for future works.

Let's all make this world a little more friendly and personable by reaching out to those around us.


  1. I loved your film! I loved the simplicity of the cinematography and the music choice and the message behind it all. Bravo!

  2. I thought the film sent a good message. I often find myself getting caught up realizing how every single person has a story & yet, how many times do we actually listen? The only thing that I can critique is that I found myself a bit bored in the middle watching the different streets without any words to read along with the visual representations. Maybe if it was just a hair shorter. But, it might be more captivating to someone from D.C. as well.

  3. Thanks for your comments, Milan and Cheri! Cheri, I'll keep that in mind, trying to spread out my more-interesting shots throughout future videos.