July 14, 2012

An Unfortunate Screenshot of Hank Green (of Vlogbrothers)

This blogpost is about 2 things:

1) We all have those moments when a bad picture is taken.

And I guess when you're in front of viewers often, there's more likelihood that it'll be seen.

For example, this is the opening frame of the Friday, July 13, 2012, Vlogbrothers video:
Unfortunate, isn't it?

I probably wouldn't have even noticed it, if not for the loooooooooong wait for the video to buffer.

Which leads me to my other purpose in this post.

2) My internet connection can be so slow in different parts of my house, and depending on the time of day, too. It doesn't rely on proximity to the wireless routers, but on some other reason beyond me.

Oh bother.

But I guess some internet is better than no internet.
When you want internet.
Which I should probably want less of anyway.

Alright, I'll go out and get some fresh air now.

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