February 19, 2012

The Page 45 Sex Life Prediction

Usually I disapprove of forwards, but this one from Facebook a bit ago was just too funny not to share.
I'm currently reading "The Fault in Our Stars", so that was the closest book to me.
Here's what the first sentence on its page 45 foretold:
"I should head home actually," I said. "I'm kinda tired."
Marvelous. Spot on. Funny because it's true (at least for my current state).

A few of my friends also tried it out, and here are some of their results:
  • JenA book about a political prisoner during Stalin's purges of 1937... "Whenever it suits you best. Now, if you like, or if it's more convenient, after lunch." ..."How long is it likely to take?"..."Oh, say forty minutes, perhaps an hour." ha ha ha. - This is just too appropriate. Great find!
  • LisaClosest book is my Bridgeman's Anatomy for Artists..."In the twistings and bendings of the body there is a harmony of movement, a subtle continuity of form, every changing and elusive, that is the very essence of motion." For real. It's about time. ;)
  • Dustin -  "You have to let them go their own way eventually, I reminded myself. You have to let them have their own life..."
  • MeganThe closest book to me is a juggling manual. I looked up the line... but I'm too embarrassed to post it, so I shan't. Prospects look good, though! - Makes me really wonder what my sister found...
  • Rachael -  ‎"It seemed like she never even had time to think" (the exiled queen) sounds about right. too funny
  • Danielle -  "Gladly, sir, but that guitar must belong to a master. It's too good to practice on." *snort*
  • DavidA book of neurological disorder case studies: "'It's an 'as if',' I answered: 'as if the parietal lobes were not getting their usual sensory information.'" Prospects look grim... - Sorry, brother :(
  • Whitney -  The closest book to me is the bible. HA! and funny enough the 45th page/first full sentence is Genesis 29:33 "And she conceived again, and bare a son; and said..." - Conceived again, eh? Get a move on it, girl!
  • Stephanie -  ‎"'What do you mean?' snapped the bald man, clearly irritated by my intrusion."
  • Micha -  ‎"Beside a marshy lake in an obscure sector of the Dakotas, a campfire was smiling its head off." I hope that's true!!! - Another excellent reason to love the great outdoors.
  • Lindsey‎"Some diversity in hardware may be necessary to support legacy or mission-critical functions" BWAHAHAHA oh my gosh....tears are streaming down my face! - Too good. I couldn't help but laugh at this, too!
Thanks for sharing, everyone! Plenty of variety in literature and predictions, and definitely good fodder for humor and a laugh for my readers and me.

If you want to try it, please put your results in the comments, as I'd love to get a chuckle from yours, too!


  1. Maybe someday I'll tell you what the line was from that juggling book... but only if it looks like it could actually happen >:D

  2. Mine says, "Christ, he thought miserably, why is she doing this to me? I've got to keep the door open."

    LOL! Too funny!

  3. Mine was; " We finished at the same time, just as the sun was beginning to rise in the east." I now have coca cola on my jeans.

    1. Oh wow, that is such a perfect line, and I can definitely see how you spilled your cola from it! Can I ask what book it was?