February 19, 2012

Our Formula: Take Tasty Food, Deep Fry, Chomp

I usually try to avoid fried foods. Delicious, but not very healthy.

Yesterday, the goal was to go crazy on the deep fried foods.

We succeeded.
Entrees included mozzarella sticks, jalapeƱo poppers, zucchini, pickles, bbq wings, sweet potato fries, chicken, onion rings, bananas, pineapple, cheese-filled meatballs, and even macaroni-and-cheese balls.
Alexis and Christine
Daniel and Kaitlin
Spencer manned the deep fryer (or fryolator as some -meaning Kaitlin- call it) for most of the actual foods. Between him and Dave, they had a pretty good knowledge of how long to cook things, or just really good guesses.
Jamie and football friends
The family photo of sisters and their god-dog
This is what onion rings look like mid-frying
Our running justifies these deep-fried pickles, right?
It's good to be flanked by these great brothers
Once we were done with the normal foods, it was time for dessert. Spencer had to go, so I took over on the deep fryer. I'd been waiting all day for the desserts, so I was happy to get 'em going.

For dessert, we had Double-Stuf Oreos, Girl-Scout cookies (thin mints), Tastykakes, Triple Double Oreos, and the fan-favorite Snickers bites.
The Snickers bites went quickly; I'd say they were the big winners
This is a triple double Oreo, basically a double decker; yum!
The afternoon was certainly a delicious one, but I think I'm done with fried foods for quite a while.

Do you have a fried food weakness? Ever just feel the need to satisfy it in a big way?


  1. I made some hush puppies last night. I hadn't had fried food since Spain basically, but I definitely enjoyed the hush puppies last night! Everything I ate in Spain was fried....after six weeks, my body definitely was not thanking me! But, occasionally I get hankerings for some fried pickles or other Southern food. Although, the fried dessert doesn't really appeal to me! Never tried it though.

  2. I can honestly say that I wouldn't have enjoyed that get together - from a food standpoint anyway. I can't eat fried food (any food) without feeling completely sick afterward. But, when I did eat fried food, I loved onion rings. I saw on Pinterest a recipe for baked onion rings that end up just as crispy. I need to try them. :)

  3. Fried food is my favorite, especially onion rings and corn dogs and fried jalapenos, even though like Jen I feel like I've been mean to my body after I've eaten them. I'd like to try the fried Snickers sometime. That sounds amazing!