January 11, 2012

"The Fault in Our Stars" has Arrived!

My pre-ordered copy of John Green's new book arrived yesterday. Oh happy day!
 As promised, and as documented in countless Vlogbrothers videos, the author signed it.
Turns out I wasn't lucky enough to receive one of Hank Green's Hanklerfish drawings, but that's okay. It was only a 5% chance. So there are 18 more people in my situation for every one person that got one.

Which means... we are the 95%. [Get it?!? It's kinda like those silly Occupy people!]

Anyway, I'm already into the book and it's really good so far. Yay for reading actual, physical books!

On that note, here's an awesome video with books:
And another video that has some books in it, but mainly I just think it's super cool:
Ok, back to "The Fault in Our Stars". Later!

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