January 11, 2012

You Should Follow Ken Jennings on Twitter

If you're on Twitter and don't already follow Ken Jennings, you're doing yourself a great disservice.
Not only did he dominate Jeopardy for 74 straight games and make $2.52 million in the process [source], but his Twitter feed is hilarious and hits a broad range of topics, from intellectual and political to inane and day-to-day. If you like my blog and/or my sense of humor, then I think you'd enjoy Ken's tweets.

To whet your appetite (not wet your whistle, which is very different), here's a quick sampling:
Included especially for my friend Larissa
Not sure why this is funny? Here's the definition of gamboling

The world is ending! Want another scoop of ice cream?
The only right answer to that question is "yes"
And those are just from the past 10 days! Lots more where that came from.

So if your life could use more smart, mostly-clean humor, you can follow Ken Jennings on Twitter [here].


  1. Ok, Ok. I followed your advice.

  2. OMG. If only I paid a lick of attention to Twitter... also, I think I might be attracted to Ken Jennings now.

  3. You should know that I have YOU to thank for my brush w/ fame yesterday. Because of this post, I started following Ken and then look what happened! What would my life be like w/ out you, Aaron? Sad and bereft of excitement, that's what.

  4. Ha - I'll make sure to do a post on Quantum stuff...like Scott Bakula...