February 20, 2012

February Photo-a-Day: Week 3

Feb 13 (Monday) - Blue
Yep, that's a blue Snuggie, and I'm only slightly ashamed to own it.
Feb 14 (Tuesday) - Heart
Bingo at work. Sadly, I didn't win the gift certificate.
Feb 15 (Wednesday) - Phone
My Droid keeps the golf course nearby.
Feb 16 (Thursday) - Something new
So new I still hadn't corrected the date and time.
Feb 17 (Friday) - Time
Almost 8 hours of running so far this month.
Feb 18 (Saturday) - Drink
Not just after runs; I drink it all the time.
Feb 19 (Sunday) - Something you hate to do
Love the smell of clean clothes, but hate folding them.
Three weeks down! Kinda sad that the finish line is coming up and I'm just hitting my stride.


  1. The thing about snuggies is the ignoring of the backside right? Amiright?

  2. You're very right, Larissa. Snuggies are for sitting on the couch, bc that open backside is too awkward for going out in public.