December 18, 2009

D&T-FannieMae Holiday Bowling Party

Due to the economic struggles in the financial industries, Deloitte didn't have an official holiday party in 2008, so the first and last one I went to was in 2007. Talk about a big "bah humbug" from Daddy D.

Well, for the last couple months, I've been working on the Fannie Mae audit. To be more specific, I've been on the consolidations team there. Further specifics will only bore you to tears, and I'm not going to bore you here. Let's just say that I wasn't excited to go to Fannie Mae (reports from friends included that notoriously long hours were the norm). However, my hours weren't as bad as I expected and my team was actually very cool.To my great surprise, they informed us that, although the whole McLean office again wouldn't get a holiday party, the partners on the Fannie Mae audit were going to throw one for all of us. Now THOSE are the kind of partners that a team will work hard for. When there's a reward and some appreciation shown, that goes a long way!Lucky Strike Bowling was the chosen venue, and we all got to leave work early to make it there on time and get some warm-up bowling in before all the teams played. Of course, there was an open bar and lots of appetizers, so people were socializing and having a good time in between bowls and waiting for their teams' turn to bowl.I hadn't realized before this holiday party just how many people were on the Fannie Mae engagement, and how many I actually had worked with on prior teams. Also, a good number of friends that were in my same start class were at the party, so it was good to catch up with all of them.Thanks and happy holidays, Deloitte!

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