December 16, 2007

Deloitte Christmas Party

You know it's going to be a fun Christmas party when you get to take two beautiful girls as your dates. Okay, so technically Becca is a Deloitte employee and Meghan was my only date, but the three of us drove together and they were both looking smashing in their black dresses, so I'm going to claim that they were both my dates. It'll be good for my ego.
We drove to the Ronald Reagan Building in downtown DC, and the scene was jumping. The room looked like a movie set for a high school prom: big stair case, tons of people at the bottom all dressed up, band playing on the stage at the front, and lots of food and beverage to go around.
And that was before we even saw the other two rooms on the side, where there was even more food and drinks as well as a whole lot more people. I was very impressed. This was kind of a "now I'm not in school" moment, because I realized that it was my first corporate holiday party and they went all out to throw a sweet bash.
There was plenty of socializing and dancing to fill our evening, and we had a great time. In such a big crowd, there were friends there that I didn't even see the whole time we were there. Maybe next year. We almost went out salsa dancing with all the other first years, but it was too late and we had to get up early for church, so we called it a night. Well done, Deloitte! Excellent Christmas party!

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