December 17, 2007

Another Fun Christmas Party

Cindy and Michelle had a Christmas party at their place last night. It was a relatively small affair, compared to the Deloitte party the night before that, but it was a good size for a house party. There were lots of friends and lots of refreshments, which means there will be lots of entertainment. Oh yes, and there was lots of mistletoe hanging around the house. Made a guy have to be careful where he walked.
Talking, laughing, and dancing were all popular activities at the party, and we were there for a couple hours. This included a demonstration of the "bend and snap" maneuver from the movie Legally Blonde, executed by my friend Sarah Stevenson. As the party was dying down, and just before we left, we organized a cheer circle (like you'd do at the end of soccer games) and gave one last cheer. Good times and yay for Christmas parties!

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