December 21, 2007

A Smaller Audit

This week at work, I was at a very different company than I've been on until now. I went from a large, well-established, very media-visible company to a brand new, un-previously-audited, unknown company. I worked with a new, smaller team. And I was given the opportunity to work on a wider variety of audit sections from start to finish (or at least as far as I could get in the time frame).

As it's a new audit for Deloitte and the first Big 4 audit for this company, they didn't really know how to accomodate us since they're growing so fast and don't have much physical room. So another first-year and I ended up sharing a one-person cubicle (shown below) all week. It was, shall we say, cozy. I kind of liked it, though, because we were both able to ask each other questions very easily and, since we're both first-years, not be afraid we were asking stupid questions.

According to my current schedule, I will be going back to my earlier audit after Christmas, but I'll be back to this little one in mid-February, and it's nice to know that I can look forward to that with confidence.

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