December 19, 2009


One of my favorite things about the Washington DC area is that it has a free zoo available to all. The National Zoo is a Smithsonian and runs different events during the year to increase traffic and on occasion patrons can pay for special events.This year, my friend Claire and I went to see the Zoolights, which is basically holiday lights in the zoo and you can go at night and see some of the animals. We got a package that included some fun treats, like hot chocolate and gingerbread cookies (which I like to show who's boss).There weren't a ton of animals awake, but we did get to see some really good ones. The sloth was quite cute, and he/she was really easy to take a picture of since he/she was 100% motionless. I gotta be honest, the sloth kind of looked like a Muppet to me, with super-soft fur and its silly face.Most of the holiday lights were setups like these. Lots of trees were decorated, and they had a big light show that was timed and had accompanying music. But the primary use of lights were in animal shapes like elephants, tigers, lions, crabs, eagles in flight, monkeys, etc.
One of our favorite animals at the zoo was the panda bear. The National Zoo has had one panda bear on loan from some other zoo for a while, and I believe that the contract is running out, so that one will be sent back to China. If you'd like to watch the remaining pandas live, you can go to this page.

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