December 17, 2009

National Christmas Tree (The Remix)

2 > 1
The alligator mouth eats the bigger number, right?
Good thing I remember my elementary school math.
Thanks, Mrs. South.

So if going to the National Christmas Tree once is good, then going twice must be even better!

Shandi hadn't been yet, so we drove into DC on a very chilly night and checked it out. One thing I love about the holidays is that people are just generally nicer. You don't even have to ask them to take pictures. They just offer! It's a historian's dream, and I love it.

We also got a good pic with Santa in his shop, but I'll have to scan that one in before I can post it here.

Shandi is a Texan. Which means she's a Cowboys fan. And consequently not a big fan of the Redskins marching band.

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