September 23, 2013

Music Battle: Sara Bareilles vs Katy Perry

Anybody else notice that the newest Sara Bareilles and Katy Perry songs sound alike?

I believe Sara's came out first, but I'm wondering who recorded theirs first, or at least when the music was written for each. Did they have the same producer? Or is this just a crazy coincidence?

I'll let you decide:

Sara Bareilles - Brave

Katy Perry - Roar

What do you think? Do they sound pretty similar to you?
And who did it better? Leave your vote in the comments.

Update: My buddy Clint shared this sweet mash-up of the two songs with me today. Cool, huh?


  1. I have had this exact same conversation with others, personally I like Sara's better.

  2. Before I saw your comment saying you'd made a mash-up, I played the songs at the same time -- they are VERY similar! I think I like Sara's better, as well, but both are catchy.