September 30, 2013

Music Battle: Robin Thicke vs Marvin Gaye and George Clinton

If you've listened to the radio lately, you've heard Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" plenty of times.
Apparently there's been some drama over it, because reps for Marvin Gaye and George Clinton believe Robin's music is too similar to their own work from years back.

Yep, both parties are suing for copyright violation.

Oh, our silly litigious society.

Have a listen to the songs, and then I want to know what you think:

Robin Thicke - Blurred Lines

Marvin Gaye - Got to Give It Up

Funkadelic (George Clinton) - Sexy Ways

Hmm, I don't see it. I'm thinking this is just a ploy by the Marvin Gaye and George Clinton camps to get back in the limelight for a little bit.

What do you think? Leave your opinion of the lawsuits in the comments.


  1. So doesn't all music borrow from music that came before it? Just like art and literature, etc? I do think Blurred Lines has a similar beginning to Got to Give it Up, but so what? Lots of songs are like that. George Clinton's song, meh. I didn't see it. Either way, all good tunes. I'm gonna crank them up while I clean my kitchen.

    1. I'm totally with ya, Jen. Music builds on the music from before, in most cases. Seems like a losing argument for Marvin Gaye and George Clinton.