September 20, 2013

A Toast to the Barneys and to Eclairs

One of my really good DC friends got married a couple weekends ago, and last Saturday I got to see the couple at their Utah reception and congratulate them in person.

Shandi and Chris are adorable together, and it was fun to chat with them about being newlyweds. 
More DC friends (Becca, Christina, and Dave) also came, so it was kind of a mini-reunion.

If you know me, then you know I love eclairs.

Not like. Love.

Eclairs account for an embarrassingly high percentage of my happiness at wedding receptions.
Especially when I get there before the other friends and have to sit alone for a bit.

I'm perfectly fine sitting all alone at a table, as long as I have a couple eclairs to keep me company.
(But then I'm even happier when I have friends to converse with and tasty pastries to eat, too).

Congrats, Shandi and Chris! So excited for you guys and your new life together!


  1. Oh sad. I won't be having eclairs at my wedding, but I hope you will still have fun!!

    1. Don't you worry, I'll still have plenty of fun at your wedding. The most important thing is always seeing and celebrating with the happy couple! Eclairs are just a bonus.