July 15, 2013

My Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

Kevin Bacon's birthday was just a couple days ago.
Not sure how it hasn't been declared a national holiday yet, but Congress is probably working on it as we speak. I can't wait for next year's Kevin Bacon Day parade.
Sorry, getting off topic. I'll bring it back.

Yep, the prolific and well-traveled actor turned 55 years old.

Crazy to think that Tremors was 23 years ago and Footloose was 29 years ago!
I guess he's aged a little, but in my mind he's still the same.

Anyway, have you ever played the game 'Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon'?
I used to play it with a mission buddy while we walked from door-to-door in Guatemala.
You just link actors/actresses through their work until you get to Kevin Bacon, because pretty much everyone can connect back to him in less than 6 moves.

Considering I've never been in a movie, here is mine with stage productions being fair game:
  1. I was in the Murray Arts Council production of Oklahoma! with Megan Smyth
  2. She performed in Cottonwood High School's My Fair Lady* with Charlie Halford
  3. Charlie played a role in The World's Fastest Indian with Anthony Hopkins
  4. Sir Hopkins worked with Elliott Gould on the film A Bridge Too Far
  5. Elliott had the honor of being in The Big Picture with none other than Kevin Bacon
Got to Kevin Bacon, and with a degree of connection to spare.

Neato, huh? 

I found a great quote from Kevin while prepping for this post. Speaking of his show biz start:
"I wanted life, man, the real thing", he later recalled to Nancy Mills of Cosmopolitan. "The message I got was 'The arts are it. Business is the devil's work. Art and creative expression are next to godliness.' Combine that with an immense ego and you wind up with an actor." [source]
I'm with you on business being the devil's work, Kevin. If only I had the talent for performing.

Oops, getting off track again.

If you know someone who has been credited in a TV show or movie, you can find their 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon by going to the Oracle of Bacon website.

So what's your Bacon line of separation? Put it in the comments if you'd like.

*Correction: I had previously listed this CHS show as Oliver! Thanks for the heads up, Megan.


  1. Actually, you're one step closer to Kevin than you think :D

    My steps are:
    1. I was in an episode of Touched by an Angel with Ross Malinger
    2. Who played Tom Hanks' son in Sleepless in Seattle
    3. Who was in Apollo 13 with Kevin Bacon.


    (And for the record, the show Charlie and I did together was My Fair Lady. Oliver! was the year after I graduated. Also, did you see World's Fastest Indian? Good film!)

    1. Nice! I had forgotten you were in Touched by an Angel, and that's a great connection.
      Thanks for the heads up on My Fair Lady; I've updated the post accordingly :)

  2. I am a Bacon 2. I was in Brigham City with Wilford Brimley who was in End of the Line with Kevin Bacon.