July 16, 2013

The Watermelon Football Slashing of 2013

Last night I went to a pool party that my friend Afton hosted at her apartment complex.

Lots of cool people came, and we started playing watermelon football in the pool.
If you haven't played it ever, you need to try it next time you have the opportunity.

So fun.

If you've never played, here's an example I found on YouTube:

At one point, I was on the receiving end of a pass and was being covered by a girl named Ingrid.
She was out of position, and she went for grabbing my shoulders instead of playing the ball (an understandable move, and I'd have done the same thing).

Let's just say that she didn't get a firm grip on my shoulders, and her hands subsequently slipped down my back, with her fingernails leaving me some souvenirs to remember the game later.
She felt bad about her handiwork, but was a good sport for the pic
Yeah, I'm gonna be feeling those trophies for a few days until they heal up.

PS If you want to eat watermelon after the game, buy a second watermelon. The first will definitely explode in the heat of battle.

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