July 10, 2013

Happy Birthday, Nikola Tesla!

Tesla was a genius. He deserves a birthday shout-out.
Way cooler than Edison, but gets little to no credit.

He was "quirky", but invented a whole bunch of useful gadgets (here's his Wikipedia page).

Here's the short version intro of Tesla vs Edison:

Some of his awesome inventions/discoveries included:
  • AC (alternating current) electricity - better than DC (direct current) for a lot of reasons (link).
  • Radio - yes, radio. Marconi got credit initially, but Tesla did it first.
  • Fluorescent and neon lights - where would Las Vegas and Atlantic City be without Tesla?
  • Hydroelectric power plants - Niagara Falls was a good place to start that one.

Here's a looooooong (but wonderful/excellent/fantastic) graphic from theoatmeal.com to explain it:
Apologies in advance to my readers for the swearing.

Hope you found that informative and simultaneously humorous. I sure did.

So happy birthday, Nikola! And Thomas Edison can suck it!


  1. Very cool. I still think of 'The Prestige' any time I hear that name...

  2. Man I love the Oatmeal. :) That is all.