July 9, 2013

We are Surrounded by Beautiful Women All the Time

It's true.

We might not notice it, or be able to see it right off, but it's 100% true.

Because every woman we see is absolutely beautiful.
Gorgeous women, exactly as they were created or evolved or however you believe humans came to be.
Old, young. Tall, short. Skinny, not skinny. Whatever trait you want to evaluate.

My friend Katie shared this AFI interview of Dustin Hoffman, speaking about his 1982 role in Tootsie.
Makes you think, doesn't it?

It took Dustin changing his appearance for a movie to learn this, and it's a powerful point.
Women, you are interesting. You're funny. You're amazing.
You have too many wonderful qualities to list here, actually.
And each and every one of you also happens to be beautiful.

You are just as you should be, and I hope all of us can start seeing that more plainly.

Note: I didn't share this to get brownie points with my female reader's or the female population at large. I fully believe the same is true for men, though to a lesser extent, as beauty isn't as important of a societal status symbol for us.

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