June 8, 2013

Today We Are Golf Champions: 2013 Wilson Mohr Scramble

I've only played in a few golf tournaments, but I was excited for this one.

Playing in the 2013 Wilson Mohr scramble with my buddies Nick, Clint, and Dean was going to be fun.
We play together regularly, and we each have our strengths, so with all of us playing together and taking the best ball from our shots, that was a recipe for success.
Clint sizing up his tee shot
We set a goal of -10 for our round, which would mean we'd need a birdie every other hole.
With everyone in the tourney playing from the white tees, that seemed like a very reasonable goal.

There were a couple holes where our tee shots were wild-ish, but we had one or two in the fairway on just about every hole. And usually that gave our big hitters a chance to swing freely and go for distance.
Which means we had a good amount of birdie putts, and luckily we hit some long ones.

Long story short, we reached our goal with the help of an eagle on the hardest hole, and we finished with a bonus birdie, too.

In the clubhouse, we turned in our score and then ate some tasty food while the remaining teams trickled in and the scorekeeper posted.

And look, our score held up! We won with a 61 (-11)!

Looks like we'll have to defend our title next year, and I have a feeling we'll be working on our games often between now and then, simply because we have lots of fun playing together.
Congrats, fellow champions!
Oh, and thanks to my buddies' wives for letting them come play with me all the time!


  1. Replies
    1. You bet we did! We won most of our entry money back, plus each of us won something in the raffle (I got a sweet gift card to Lowe's)!