June 8, 2013

Let's All "Bee" Friends

I love baseball games... on a warm Saturday night... with lots of friends.

We organized a group of friends to attend the SL Bees game, and it was a very good time.

We sat on the lawn by right field, and it was a good spot. Not too blinded by the sun, and we had a clear view of the whole field. Little by little, we kind of expanded our property holdings as other fans left and more of ours showed up haha

We ate hot dogs and drank water and a little Diet Coke, and enjoyed socializing on the grass.

Another bonus of our lawn seats was not having to move to watch the fireworks after the game.
Yep, that's right. After the game, they even had fireworks (which was probably the main reason some of the friends came at all - true story). 

Solid warm-up for the upcoming 4th of July!
(And 24th of July, for all my fellow Utahns, of course.)

Oh yeah, and it doesn't hurt that the Bees hit a grand slam and won, either!

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