May 31, 2013

Proud New Member of the Dollar Shave Club

I use my razors for way, way, way too long.

My current one has probably been in use for around 3-6 months. Shameful, I know.
Granted, it still does a sufficient job, but I'm a grown man and my face deserves better.

Especially when I want to trim into a 'stache, like for Movember or Cinco de Mustache.

Plus, summer is upon us and I'm looking to do some triathlon training and maybe a race or two this year.
Which, yes, means leg shaving. Don't judge.

On the suggestion and referral of my buddy Scott, I joined the Dollar Shave Club today.

You probably remember their awesome commercial from a while back:

I went with the $6/month, 4-blade option. But they also have $1/mo, 2-blade and $9/mo, 6-blade options.

And you can do every-other-month if you aren't too hairy. Figure I'll start monthly, though I'll probably end up switching to the every-other-month plan.

Each option comes with 4 cartridges, so that's plenty to get through a month or two, right?

Ladies, how does that price compare to what you pay? Would this work for you, or just for guys?

If y'all want in on this, you can CLICK HERE (full disclosure: I'll get a $5 referral credit, thanks!).

Happy shaving!


  1. I bought Mr Wonderful a membership last year and he LOVES it--I'm sure saving $20+ a month on razors helps too!!
    Hope you like it!

    1. He's a lucky man to have such a caring and romantic girl like you haha