January 25, 2012

Most Women Have Two of These Three Traits

Comedian Tucker Max said* that the majority of women fit into two of these categories:
  • Hot
  • Sane
  • Single
I'd say he's right. Most girls only have two of these.
Fortunately, I've been lucky enough to have dated some girls that had all three when I met them.
Including my current gal, Emily (she's down to two now, since we're dating, and thus isn't single, right?).

Guys, if you find a girl with all three, and she even kinda likes you, don't hesitate.
Ask her out, keep asking her out, and don't shy away from some commitment.

The triple-threat girl is rare and her value should never be underestimated.

*Warning: though funny, a lot of his quotes contain adult topics and foul language.


  1. Aaron, please spread the word about me and my hot, sane, singleness! Okay, so maybe not "hot," but I definitely have "cute" down to an artform!
    I found my perfect man, but he's too busy for me...you know that scene in A Christmas Carol when Belle leaves Scrooge because he loves his work more than her? And spends more time with work than her? Yeah...no bueno.
    So I need an advocate! Or lots of advocates. You are appointed! ;-)

  2. You've got all 3, Larissa! And you bet I'll be your advocate. If all my Utah friends weren't married with multiple kids, I'd for sure set you up :)

  3. I know which two I think I have, but have no idea what a man's perception of me is (I'd guess you would say I have all 3, but you're my brother so you HAVE to say that...and I love you for it!)... guess I'll hope my sanity is enough to help me find someone so I'm no longer single!