January 23, 2012

Metallica Monday (PvZ Edition): Creeping Death

Special theme for this week's Metallica Monday: Plants vs Zombies.
My brother Adam and my nephew Gunner introduced me to this game, and I'm hooked.

It's incredibly fun using plants of varying skills, defenses, and attacks to repel hundreds of zombies coming by land, air, and sea. Well, it's more swimming pool than sea, but that doesn't sound as cool.
Beyond the action of the game, the scenes between levels also have some great humor. For example:
So make sure you've got plenty of sunflowers so you can plant corn cob missile launchers and lots of spikeweeds, because if you don't, the zombies will eat your brains!
All these zombies reminded me of the song I chose for this edition of Metallica Monday:

Creeping Death
I found this YouTube video where they dubbed the song over Ten Commandments clips, which is an extra bonus since this song was inspired by the Biblical account of Moses and the first Passover.
Great video with a great song, isn't it?

So watch out for the creeping death of the plagues and zombies this week!

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