January 25, 2012

Jon Stewart on Newt Gingrich's South Carolina Debate Answer

Note: I'm not a super political guy. I have my political preferences, and I have friends that are extremely into politics (on all different sides of the issues and aisles). Due to its high humor factor, this merited sharing.

If you watch the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, then you saw this.
If not, you should take 9 minutes and watch the clip below.

He makes both hilarious and spot-on comments about Romney and Gingrich, and it makes for great TV.

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I love when comedians point out the absurdity of politicians and the political scene.

Because the more I'm around it here in the Washington DC area, the clearer their absurdity becomes.

1 comment:

  1. i love the Daily Show. Brilliant writing. I seriously do not understand the appeal of Newt. Especially for a party that espouses to be the morality leader.

    loved the line about "maybe it's not his 'romney-ness' but his 'mitt-ness'." WTF? ha ha.