January 27, 2012

A Message From the Avett Brothers to Revenge-Seeking Movie Characters

The Avett Brothers make great music, coupled with emotive lyrics.
And sometimes their words are perfectly appropriate for telling revenge-seeking movie characters that they shouldn't go killing more or getting locked up.
I really like this set of lines near the end:
Make sure my sister knows I loved her
Make sure my mother knows the same
Always remember there was nothing worth sharing
Like the love that let us share our name. 
Beautiful poetry.
Remembering the love for a lost person is really what brings healing.
Don't forget that, revenge-seeking movie characters.


  1. true story: When my former boss turned 30 (this was like 7 years ago), they hired the Avett Brothers to play her birthday party. So i saw them play in a living room and then sat around a table and ate BBQ with them. I wish I had made them my BFF's then. :) I love their music and they are truly nice guys. Always great to see people succeed that really deserve it.

  2. Oh wow. That's awesome, Jen! I'd love to see them live, and especially in a small setting like that.