January 26, 2012

First Picture Taken with My New D3100

Remember how I bought myself a Nikon D3100 camera as a late Christmas present to myself?

Well I had been delaying using it until I could take a great first picture with it.
I don't know why.

Guess I just thought it had to be some monumental (pardon the pre-meditated pun) event, like how a store has to open with a ribbon cutting and possibly a reception with ├ęclairs (mmm, ├ęclairs).
Anyway, I finally decided to just get it over with so I could use the camera on a more regular basis.

So I chose to take some pics of the Washington Monument.
This is the very first picture taken with my new D3100
While it isn't the greatest photo, it's a start.

And after fiddling with the settings and ~20 mins of unsuccessfully trying to get video for a project I'm working on (which I'll share with you when it's done in a few weeks), I snapped a few more shots.
My favorite of the second batch
They aren't anything phenomenal, but these pics mark a new era in my friend historian skills and general photography abilities. Let's hope it's a long, improvement-filled road from here!

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