December 20, 2011

A Red Velvety Big Ben Night

No, this post is not about "Big Ben" Roethlisberger and his turnover-filled night against my 49ers.
Sorry to get your hopes up, sports fans.

This post is about my mini-date date last night with Emily.

After living in the DC area for over 6 months, the wonders of Dairy Godmother custard still hadn't crossed Emily's lips, so it was time for her experience it. We were lucky to have the extra bonus of yesterday's flavor being red velvet. Definitely the right night for a first timer.
Imagine the famous cupcakes, but in creamy custard form. It's as heavenly as you're imagining.

Next was time to let the creative juices flow. My roommates were in the midst of making gingerbread houses, so Emily and I joined in. After the developer's funding dried up on her townhouse project (and it was subsequently demolished to avoid becoming slums and crack houses), Emily was brought on early as a consultant (and not-much-later as co-owner) in the gingerbread Big Ben re-creation.
Everyone did a great job, and I was impressed by the multiple genres and styles built by our group.
Yay for gingerbread houses and another chance to give that lesser-utilized (by me, anyway) right brain some exercise in conjunction with its left brain counterpart!

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