December 18, 2011

This Party Makes Ugly Look Hot

How do you know it's the holidays? Well, a lot of ways.
But one of the most fun ways is when you attend an ugly sweater party.

My friends threw one as the capstone on our 12 Days of Christmas festivities for this year, so we had to make an appearance. Two of our gracious hostesses, Domineau and Milan (super-cool names, huh?), wrote blogposts about the party, which you can read here and here, respectively.

Earlier in the day, I'd stopped at Goodwill to buy some sweaters, as well as a dollar store for some cheesy decorations. After a good wash and dry (remember: Goodwill), Emily and I went over to my friend Camille's and we all hot-glued the bows, bells, trees, and trimming onto our sweaters.

That's how these beauties were created.
If you thought ours were the only ugly sweaters in attendance, you thought wrong.
Plenty of people were rocking sweaters that would make your 70 year-old 3rd grade teacher cringe.
Impressive work on the backside
Clearly Chris is ashamed for his lack of ugly sweater
Double your ugly sweater, double your fun
Ugly sweater vests: sleeveless, tacky triumphs
If this post and Domineau's haven't satisfied your love of ugly sweaters, check out my friend Marcus' ugly sweater party post for the 7th Annual Neck 'n' Nog.

Tis the season, and it makes me so happy. Do you have a favorite ugly sweater?

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  1. Omg. I linked and pictured you in my post and you didn't even mention me in yours?!?! We're over. #hmph