December 23, 2011

I've Seen Yew at the US Botanic Garden

There are no misspellings in that title. Keep reading and I'll prove it to you.

Since Emily and I both had the day off (thank you built-up vacation days), we decided to check out some holiday decorations in a little-visited DC locale prior to me taking Emily to the airport.

We took the metro in and saw the US Botanic Garden for the first time.
Kind of tragic since I've lived in the DC area over 4 years and this is my first visit there.

But the decorations made it well worth the wait.
Everything was made of plant materials, and they had both major DC historic buildings and a whole train area with small exhibits of animals/mythic creature habitats.
Sounds weird, but you'll get what I mean in the pictures.
The US Supreme Court

I fit right in with the Monkey Mansion, eh?

With the Mermaid piece
The Peacock Palace, for all the Peacock gals that read my blog
Yes, I'm talking to yew
Here's lookin' at yew, kid
Yes, that is a plant called the "yew". There are several varieties, and they can be quite toxic. Just FYI, in case you thought eating some yew would be a good idea. Because it wouldn't be.
Taking time to stop and smell the orchids
Abe Lincoln looks pretty good made out of plant materials
So much detail on the National Capitol, even down to the statue in front
While it may have taken a long time to get to the US Botanic Garden, I'm very glad this was a first that Emily and I could share. Makes it extra special to see such a cool place that way.

So I encourage you to find some new places around where you live, and share them on your blog or Facebook after you go!

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  1. i'm honored to have a special shout out on your blog. ha ha. :)
    that looks like a really cool display!