October 20, 2011

'One in a Million' Optimism

Eternal optimism.

Does it exist? Though sadly rare these days, I think it does. And it has to be cultivated daily.
Sometimes I think that quoting optimistic lines from movies helps me look on the bright side.
So that's what I do.

Lloyd Christmas (Jim Carrey) in Dumb & Dumber said one of my favorite quotes for long-odds situations.
I love it. Beyond the humor, I'm struck by how Lloyd is focusing on the one part, instead of the million.

Sounds hard to do, but I imagine it's ultimately and infinitely easier to do than the alternative.
Negativity is heavy, isn't it? That's why burdens are lifted and we feel weight off our shoulders when positive changes and results come about.

So we have to focus on the positive part of the phrase. The one.
Sometimes that's what we have to do. Maybe that's what we should always do.
Even and especially when it's the hardest and we don't want to.
Whether it's in making a great golf shot, or getting a college degree, or getting that promotion you want, or starting your own business, or being able to have children someday when doctors say you won't, or finding your other half in the dating world, or whatever, we're looking for that one in a million.
Just remember, whatever one we want is out there and we can't stop looking every day!

Update: I just thought of another cool thing, regarding optimism in dating. YOU are somebody's one.


  1. Hey, did you plan to write that perfect blog post just for me? Cause I'm pretty sure that's what happened. Love it. Love the movie quote as well!

  2. so very true. it's so important to see the positive in everything, although some days it definitely can be harder than others.

  3. Shucks, Aaron. Thanks. I really needed that little reminder. I love your perspective. You, my friend, are one in a million. :)