October 21, 2011

I've Got the Need-New-Shoes Blues

One of my pairs of black work/church shoes have reached their demise.
Sad, because I've had them for years. In fact, I think I bought them when I moved to DC four years ago.
Wow, has it already been four years?!?

I could put up with the heels being worn down, even past the rubber part.
The one on the right is trying to speak
But it's mid-October; winter is right around the corner.
And tonight rain was drizzling down.
Which is fine... except I could feel my right foot getting wet.

This picture shows why, and it's pretty much unacceptable for DC winter footwear.
Worn right through the ball of the foot.
At a minimum, my shoes need to keep my socks dry.

Where do you think I should go to get a new pair or two of work/church shoes?
I'm thinking I might have a quick date with DSW or Nordstrom Rack in the near future...


  1. There is a killer shoe repairman in Salt Lake who would fix your old babies up like new. I'd recommend Nordstrom if you have them out there though - then if you feel as if they have worn out too fast (especially because they tend to be pricier), you can return them no questions asked.

  2. Thanks, Larissa! I'm thinking these shoes have lasted well, so I'll prob just get new ones, and that's great to know about Nordys return policy.