October 21, 2011

Does Your Halloween Self = Your Inner Self?

As a kid, Halloween was all about candy. You know that, and I know that.*     [* = note at end of post]
Our parents helped us pick out our costume (read: they led us to believe we were picking, when they made the real decisions), and then we went in search of the best houses to fill our pillowcase with candy.

But with the years, our focus changes.
We all still like a little candy, but now Halloween is fun because of the costumes.
Witty, macho, punny, gruesome, retro, and/or possibly even a bit risque.

My friend Marcus offered this gem of a quote on his blog:
"My cousin always told me that the way people dress on Halloween is the way they wish they could dress everyday of their lives.  Think about it, it's kinda true."
Any arguments on that? Though it maybe isn't true in all cases, I can see some truth to it.

So let's see how I want to dress every day, based on my past Halloween costumes.
ca 1992 - Indiana Jones
2004 - Andrei Kirilenko (NBA player)
2005 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle
2006 - 1950's Greaser
2006 - Robin Hood
2006 - Sherlock Holmes
2007 - James Bond
2007 - Newsie
2008 - Cowboy
2008 - Homestar Runner
2009 - Kermit the Frog
2010 - Mobster
Wow, I've been some awesome characters for Halloween over the years! Not sure exactly what they mean in terms of how I want to dress everyday... Any trends you noticed?

Besides the reappearance of the green spandex 4 years later? Yikes.

How do you want to dress everyday? Or rather, what are you going to be for Halloween this year?
I'm working on a couple ideas for various parties, and I'll share pics afterwards.

*Note: This comment reminded me of the hilarious stand-up comedy routine by Jerry Seinfeld. So funny!


  1. I'm going to go against the odds and say the costumes I've worn the past few years are def not how I wish i could dress. Costumes when I was younger were so much cooler than the costumes that are offered to girls now a days. If I could find them and they'd all still fit me I'd bring them all back, especially my cheer leader and genie; which I might add I was both like 3 times when I was younger :) I love love your Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and the Newsies one is Awesome!! Good picking on them all.

  2. Hmmm, I don't know if my costumes express my true inner self or not. Over the years, I've done Strawberry Shortcake, dancer (many yrs, old dance costumes make great halloween costumes), roaring 20s flapper (at 13 & thrilled it still fits 20 yrs later) & wore my HS uniform a few times post-HS. You've got some fun and classic costumes - kermit, robin hood, and mobster - all great & fun picks. Maybe it's less about an aggregate inner self, but where you are at a certain time in your life and what resonates with you then.

  3. I think the Newsies is your best look. Haha. Or maybe I just love Newsies, so I love the costume. Meh.

    Growing up, short on funds for costumes, I would dig through old dress up boxes and my mom's sewing remnants. I think I was a witch multiple years in a row (let's hope that doesn't reflect my true self!), a cat, a teacher, and a hippie.

    Now, I love to dress up in clothes from decades past, especially the 20s, 40s, and 50s. And, if I could live in any decade, it would be one of those. So, your theory is probably true!

  4. I think your choices reflect a craving for action, adventure, and roguishness (c'mon, who's more of a rogue than Kermit the Frog)? I'd definitely say that you live that in your own way. You may not chase Nazi's in your spare time, but I don't know anyone who make more of an effort to enjoy all of the option in your town with your crazy friends!

    My costumes are usually princesses or fairies or other magical things. I'd like to think that means I focus on the happy things in life, rather than the hardships, and try to help others see them too. Or, it means I'm waiting for my Prince Charming to scoop me up for a happily ever after... but even when that happens, I'll probably dress up like a princess into my fifties!

    Interesting theory! I'm going to be thinking about that one!

  5. Love the Newsies costume. But then I think all girls will love that one. :)
    When I think of my past Halloween costumes, I've always gone for pop culture references...one year was Katie Holmes with baby Suri, one year was Octomom with 8 baby dolls, last year I was a witch wearing a "Hi My Name is Christine O'Donnell" name tag. I do tend to wear costumes that involve simply modifying my normal wardrobe, so maybe your theory is right!

    PS - Love the Seinfeld reference.

  6. Ok, I LOVE the fact that you dressed as Homestar Runner! That is awesome. And I certainly hope that my Halloween choices don't reflect how I really want to dress, because I dressed as Kim Jong Il last year. I do not want to dress like a crazed Communist dictator that's addicted to Hennessy. At least, not on a regular basis...