October 20, 2011

Dear Fashion Models, Please Smile

On my friend Milan's blog today, she shared some pictures and a video (below) from some Louis Vuitton fashion show. The whole event looks beautiful, but what really caught my attention was at the 0:57 mark.
Did you see it?

The model smiled!
And that made her even prettier than she already was!

It got me thinking about how fashion models rarely smile in their shows. Why is that?

Smiling is beautiful.

I think you'd be hard-pressed to find someone who'd disagree with me on that point, because pretty much everyone, from models to everyday Joes and Janes, is more attractive when smiling.
Social scientists have probably even done experiments proving it [unsubstantiated assumption].

So why don't these glamorous women that are supposedly the height of beauty not utilize such a simple way to add to their attractiveness? Can anyone explain this to me?


  1. Yay!
    I have mixed feelings about the smiling issue. One theory:
    Of course they're more beautiful when they smile, so who wouldn't want to look at that? But that's the problem, really--models, especially those on the runway debuting a never-before-seen collection, are basically living clothes hangers. If Kate Moss walked down the runway smiling, how could we look anywhere but at her perfect face? We're naturally drawn to a person's face, particularly their eyes, so the less distracting it is, the more we can focus on what's important at that moment, the clothes.

  2. I think Milan's right. It's like how they told us as missionaries not to tell too many personal stories, because we shouldn't detract from the gospel message. A model's job is to show off the clothes, not herself, and if she smiled we'd definitely notice her (for more info, watch any episode of America's Next Top Model ;-D).

    In the meantime, YOU have a terrific smile. Hope you've had plenty of opportunities lately to use it!