October 5, 2011

Muppet Madness, plus Janice's Funniest Line

I've had Muppets on the brain lately.

First, I saw some of Jim Henson's original Sam and Friends puppets at the National Museum of American History a couple weekends ago. Such humble yet creative beginnings.
Kermit and nine other Sam and Friends characters
Next, the Muppets are doing a big Fan-a-Thon advertising campaign in preparation for the release of their next film, including a tongue-in-cheek goal to get a Bazillion (yes, with a B) "likes" on their Facebook page.

Those two Muppet-mania inducers reminded me of my sister Megan [check out her blog] and her favorite line from The Great Muppet CaperJanice, the blonde hippie band-member, says it:
In case you didn't catch that, Janice said:
"Look, mother, it's my life, okaaaay? So if I want to live on a beach and walk around naked..."

It's so ridiculous and hilarious and the voice acting is perfect. Brightens my day just thinking about it.

Lastly, my friend Amy's blog had the film trailer for Being Elmo, and it made my heart so happy.
Think about it. A documentary, the Muppets, and a genuinely good person who excels at what he does and wants to use his gifts to fill other people's (and especially children's) lives with joy. This is a winner.

So who wants to see it with me?


  1. Janice is a woman? Why does she sound like a man?

  2. That is my FAVORITE line from any Muppet movie EVER! In fact, I quote it enough that a friend of mine made that audio clip my ring when I call. Hee! I love Janice. And I LOVE the Muppets. I actually have a secret desire to be a puppeteer.

  3. I love muppets! I would go see it with you if I was there!!

  4. The muppets are classic; the new film is on my must-see list.

  5. I had completely forgotten about that line! Ahahahahahahahaha! Excuse me while I put this movie on my Netflix queue...