October 6, 2011

Flash Gordon ≠ the Flash

Far too often, I mix up "Flash Gordon" and "the Flash" in conversations.
It's an understandable mistake, right?
Maybe blogging on them will hammer the difference into my brain and I won't have to hesitate quite so long while I decide which one I am intending to reference (almost always "the Flash").

Flash Gordon
Polo player (changed to a football player for the 1980 movie) who traveled to the planet Mongo to save Earth by defeating Mongo's ruler, Ming the Merciless.
Bonus fact: the 1980 movie soundtrack was done by the band Queen

The Flash
Police scientist with super-speed and matching reflexes. Gained his powers by getting splashed by a case full of chemicals which were hit by lightning. Fights crime in Central City, especially against the Rogues.

Bonus fact: there have been many versions of the Flash, including a grandpa, father, son heritage

Let's hope this info sticks and makes it easier to distinguish between Flash Gordon and the Flash.
Now we know, and knowing is half the battle!

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  1. Thanks for the primer, bro! The Childrens Theatre is doing Flash Gordon next year, and I had no idea what it was about. Nice to be a little more informed :-D