October 5, 2011

Adieu, Apt 814 & Susie Subaru

Tonight I said goodbye to my apartment home in Courthouse, Arlington, VA. It was a sad moment closing that door for the last time. I'd lived in that building almost two years and have a lot of memories there.
Knock, knock. Who's there? No one, because I moved.
You'll be missed, Courtland Towers.
Not only did I have to say goodbye to apartment 814, but I also arranged to donate Susie Subaru to charity (specifically, NPR). While I don't know exactly how the donation works, I do know that they came and picked my car up and that made the process 100 times easier than if I'd had to drop off my non-functioning automobile. After almost 10 years, it was time to move on.
Signing over Susie's title to the charity, and entrusting her to my new buddy Elias.
Susie's last ride.
Closing the Courthouse chapter in my life means opening another. I've moved into a large house about 10 minutes away with six friends. Don't you worry; I'll keep you updated on the new adventures.
My new home


  1. I want to live there! Looks great! I've had Poopers the '93 Honda Civic for 14 years now and she's still kickin'...or....drivin' I guess. Congrats on the move!

  2. Your new home looks awesome! Two staircases?!? Maybe just in case you get tired of going down one of them? Pretty fancy :)

  3. That house is so cool! Seeing a picture makes me see why it's going to be such a new exciting adventure. Here's to new chapters in life :)