October 4, 2011

Moving and Mirrors Don't Mix

Seven years bad luck, eh?
With moving all of my worldly possessions in one weekend (after downsizing by selling off some furniture), doing something like breaking a mirror was inevitable.
Guess I'll have to go to Target (the very same store where Mrs. Obama shops) and get another one.


  1. Augh that sucks, something always has to break though during a move. You should buy yourself a cute pink one from target, saw them there yesterday and know you'd absolutely love it ;) Hopefully that will be your last broken item, good luck with the rest.

  2. Ooh! First purchase for your new place! Sounds like fun :) Hope you like the new digs and that the 7 years bad luck thing isn't real... then again, you're generally really lucky, so the curse might not get you anyway.