September 27, 2011

Nerdfighters and Readit1st

Have you heard of Nerdfighters?
Ever been told to DFTBA* as parting advice?
Want to learn lots of random info through entertaining YouTube videos?

Then have I got the solution for you!
It's time you started following the Vlogbrothers, John and Hank Green.
But I must warn you.
If you're kinda sorta a little/lot bit nerdy (like I clearly am), you'll get hooked.

John and Hank alternate posting videos, discussing what's going on in their lives, in society,in history, and/or whatever else happens to grab their fancy at the time. Some days they'll share an original song about protons and neutrons or expound on memes and famous books and their deeper meanings.

Other days the Vlogbrothers might answer fan questions or talk about their travel observations or list the top ten largest explosions. Pretty much, it's a surprise grab-bag as to that day's topic(s).

One of their recent crusades is an effort to encourage reading. Specifically, they want to encourage people to read the books that existed prior and on which upcoming movies are based. The project is called Readit1st. To spread the word about movies coming out that are based on books, the Nerdfighters will periodically send out a newsletter. If you want those, check the website or sign up to receive emails.

The whole thing is a pretty great idea, right? I am fully on-board and whole-heartedly endorse ReadIt1st.
I'm going to start by reading the book "Moneyball" before I see the just-released Brad Pitt flick.
$100 says the book is better than the movie
Even if you don't want to read books before seeing movies, I think you'll enjoy watching the Vlogbrothers. Lots of entertainment value, and each video is kept short and sweet. Which means you'll still have plenty of time to check out other crazy videos on YouTube, like Ray William Johnson's stuff.

Welcome to the Nerdfighters, and DFTBA*.

*Don't Forget To Be Awesome - a common Nerdfighters phrase.


  1. Hoo ha! Aaron! I've been a long-time devotee to the cause of Nerdfighteria and I love John and Hank! Nerdfighters, ftw! I love that they encourage their viewers to be more globally aware and to strive for something greater, like their pushes for help to decrease world suck in various ways. Increased literacy is certainly another great way to do that. Yay! I'm gonna have to get on board too. Fantastic!
    DFTBA, my friend! And best wishes!

  2. Thanks for the tip, bro! I've subscribed to the newsletter, though I must admit I'm one of the lame-o's who will probably only sometimes read the book first. Moneyball sounds somewhat interesting, though -- let me know what you think!

    (Meanwhile, those guys can talk really, really fast. It's intimidating and hilarious at the same time!)