September 25, 2011

Happy Birthday, Luke Skywalker

Usually I reserve my blog birthday wishes for relatives.
Well, I kinda feel like Mark Hamill fits into that group.

The Star Wars franchise has been an integral part of our family ever since I can remember.We quote it often. We watch the original trilogy regularly. We own toy lightsabers, and we actually play with them. We're big fans, to say the least.
(Technically the lightsabers were presents for my nephew, but clearly they were a gift to us all and part of our plan to spread the love of Star Wars to the next generation. That plan is succeeding spectacularly.)

Anyway, back to the point of this blogpost.
It's Mark Hamill/Luke Skywalker's 60th birthday.

Seems strange that he was 25 when Star Wars: A New Hope came out. Has it really been that long?!?
Ok, I guess I wasn't born at that point, but still, I imagine Mark Hamill as the snotty brat who complained that he wouldn't be able to go "into Tosche Station to pick up some power converters." (audio)Listen

Congratulations on having a successful (though largely under-the-radar post-Star Wars) career.
Many people don't know you were/are the voice of the animated Joker.
Happy birthday, Luke Skywalker!


  1. You have no idea how happy this post made me today, Aaron. I miss you!

    Happy birthday to a long-time family friend. Can't wait to see what Mark does next!

  2. He's also the voice for the Ozai the Fire Lord in Avatar!

    Happy Birthday Mr. Hamill!!