October 17, 2011

A $2.50 Breakfast: Work Cafeteria vs. Grocery Store

Some workplaces have a cafeteria, which makes meals very convenient, especially when waking up late or just not feeling like making breakfast and/or lunch. But you definitely pay extra for that convenience.

This is what I was able to get for $2.50.
Work cafeteria
Grocery store
Yeah. That difference would add up pretty quickly over breakfast and lunch every day, so I'm gonna be brown-bagging it more often, even if it means 5 minutes less sleep in the morning.

Are you a brown-bagger, or do you prefer to eat out for lunch?


  1. Definitely a brown bagger! Sometimes I can't but whenever I can I definitely do!

  2. Lol I love that you went home and compared the two. I'm def a brown baggie, saves me money and I'm a better cook than all the places around me so its just a better option all together :)

  3. When I worked in an office, I brown bagged my leftovers. Now that I work from home, I can make something fresh and it's awesome. Every now and then I'll still go out to lunch - meet a friend for the great Indian buffet up the street or grab a slice of pizza at our favorite place. But it definitely saves money to make it yourself - and it's usually better!

  4. I'm a brown bagger. So much so that I'm considering getting a lunch box to save the environment. I generally eat lean cuisine meals for lunch, so my brown bag holds all of my breakfast and snacks and stuff. I feel healthier, and since I eat out a lot, my wallet thanks me for saving money where I can!