October 15, 2011

Say It Ain't So! [Will It Blend? + iPhone 4S]

Apple released the iPhone 4S yesterday, and I know several people who stood in line to get one (you can read my friend Domineau's experience). These phones are hot commodities, and they are expensive.

Which is why I was shocked to see the "Blendtec: Will It Blend?" guy toss a brand new iPhone 4S into his blender and grind it into tiny bits. Oh the horror! The horror!
I suppose Blendtec is going for shock factor, since it's an ad. Well it worked, because I'm shocked.

Couldn't you have given me the iPhone 4S and blended my Android phone instead?


  1. Well, that makes me sad. I have a ghetto phone these days (complete with tye dye duct tape and a cracked front). I think I would enjoy the Will It Blend? app though.

  2. I need a blender AND a new phone. But my favorite part of this video was him smiling at the camera while he's blending. Hilarious.

    Really, though, if he hadn't wanted the phone, I would have happily taken it off his hands :P