October 19, 2011

Meandering in Obama's Backyard [White House Fall Garden Tours]

On Sunday, my old roommate JJ hooked me up with a few tickets to the White House Fall Garden Tours.

My friend Shandi accompanied me, and we saw the White House up close and personal. Well, the outside, anyway. Since we were in church clothes still, some people were looking at us funny. Maybe they thought we were official or something, since it was maybe hotter than a full suit and tie was right for. Dang, we probably could have played that up and tried for special treatment! Oh well.
In addition to seeing the building from about 10 feet away, we saw the rose garden, the little girls' playground set (which was apparently constructed on top of the horseshoes area of previous presidents), the basketball court, and the vegetable garden (which the First Lady actually picks from about once a week, and is tended by professional gardeners most of the time).

Did you know there is a putting green on the White House grounds? I didn't before, but it makes sense, given how much the presidents usually like to golf (including President Obama).
My offer to golf with the President still stands
Here's a picture with the White House from a little farther back. We went on an abnormally warm Sunday, so the jacket had to be ditched. The pics with Shandi are on her camera, so if I get them, I'll update this post. For now, all I've got is what was taken with my phone.
Sadly, neither President Obama nor his wife or children made an appearance, though I believe they were in town. Maybe next time he'll come out and we can have a putting contest or pick some basil together...

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