June 6, 2011

Metallica Monday: I Disappear

During college, I used to do Metallica Mondays, because a Utah radio station (X96) had one hour every Monday night when they only played Metallica songs. Since we could all use more metal in our Mondays, I'm bringing it back, in blog form.*

Today I've chosen a newer song.
"I Disappear" was featured in the movie "Mission Impossible II", and I love that the video has the band doing stunt scenes. Planes and car chases and explosions fit perfectly.
I chose this song because I feel like I've dropped off the face of the earth with some friends lately. Summer goals have kept me busy, but I'm gonna try to not be so absent going forward.

Til next time, rock on!

*This probably won't be a weekly thing, but Metallica Mondays will pop up every so often when I'm in the mood.

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