June 6, 2011

"Live a Little, Love a Lot"

Besides spouting forth words of wisdom like this blog's title, Kenny Chesney is a country music performer. On Saturday at FedEx Field, he brought several other talented acts and they all put on a tremendously entertaining show.We also had lots of fun in the parking lot before the show. Tailgate toss is always a favorite; I'm a very streaky player. Sometimes I'm on, sometimes I can't even hit the board.Apparently I was off this game, based Christine and I aren't happy with our performance. Hopefully I had more good games than bad ones, but it's still fun either way.As Trace Adkins says, "Ladies love country boys," but it's possible boys love country girls even more. When the girls are this cute and fun, can you blame me?Always fun to run into random friends at a concert. Good seeing you, Holly!Thanks for coordinating such a fun day, Jamie! We'll have to look into the next one and do it again!

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