June 7, 2011

No More Movie Talking/Texting

Do you ever get annoyed by people talking and/or texting during a movie?

I know I do, and I know many people who share my feelings on the matter.

Today I read this article on how a small chain of theaters handle such interrupters.

[See their policy and recent enforcement by clicking here]

Can all movie theaters please put into effect a policy like that of the Alamo Drafthouse?

Really, 99.5% of the population are already compliant, but maybe this would get the message through to that 0.5% of jerkyfaces out there.


  1. I'm not gonna lie: I kind of want to go to Austin just to attend this theatre. This idea is awesome! I FULLY APPROVE!!

  2. I once was at a movie at jordan commons and sat next to a dork of a man who had his BLUE TOOTH blinking every 5 seconds in my peripheral...That theatre has assigned seating! I was glad to get out of there after the movie just to attend another movie the following weekend and guess who is sitting on my other side two spots down? MR BLINKY! Idiot!

  3. This is a fantastic find! I hope more theaters do follow their example!